New wine shop in Margaux

By Jane Anson

Clos des Quatres Vents shop in Margaux

Clos des Quatres Vents shop in Margaux

I have been researching my updates for the Bordeaux Wine Travel Guides this week, in the mad rush to get everything done before leaving for Paris tomorrow.

This meant I was up in Margaux yesterday to do a tasting and visit with Luc Thienpont at Clos des Quatres Vents. Luc is the elder brother of Jacques Thienpont at Le Pin in Pomerol – which brings me to a handy tip if you are ever desperate for a bottle of Le Pin when on the Left Bank. Go to the Cave des Quatres Vents because they sell a few bottles. That may seem at best an unlikely scenario, but they sold two bottles at the weekend for a Christmas present for some very lucky husband.

This wine shop opened in July 2008, and now brings the total of wine boutiques in Margaux to three. It has a good range of Thienpont wines (I recommend the Entre deux Mers from yet another brother, called Le Roc du Château Pellebouc), and many others from around the Médoc and Bordeaux – plus decanters, glasses, aprons and other wine accessories. Luc said he is considering opening a wine bar at the back of the shop over the summer months, which would be a great idea.

Margaux still has a long way to go before it rivals Saint Emilion (where are the cafés for a cake and a coffee?), but things are definitely moving in this little Médoc town.

Cave des Quatre Vents, 12, Rue Georges-Mandel, 33460 Margaux. Tél. : 05 56 58 54 51.


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