Weekly Twitter Quiz #2 – Condrieu and St-Joseph


The village of Chavanay in the northern Rhône Valley is strictly speaking in the Saint Joseph appellation, where they can make both red and white wines. The white is from a blend of Roussanne and Marsanne. However, it is also allowed to make AC Condrieu white wines from Viognier.

De Boisseyt-Chol is a wine producer in the village who has recently been added to the updated guide Around Ampuis and Condrieu. Writer John Wheeldon was impressed by the wines on a visit there last month and he makes the point that you can visit them without appointment any day except Sunday.

Not such an easy quiz question, I agree. Two winners today – congratulations to Alex of the Eating Leeds blog who is also a wine educator and to Doug Cook of the specialist wine search engine Able Grape – if anyone could find out the answer it should have been him! They each win  a PDF micro-region guide of their choice, which should give him plenty of links to Doug to add into his search engine and plenty of material for Alex to share with her wine students.

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