The Weekly Twitter Quiz #8 – Turckheim in Alsace

OBrand Grand Cru Vineyard above Turckheim

Brand Grand Cru above Turckheim

One of the must-see villages on the Alsace wine route, Turckheim is just to the west of the city of Colmar. Writer of the three Alsace wine region travel guides, Sue Style, who lives in the southern part of the region writes about the village: “One of the best preserved villages in Alsace, chock full of multi-coloured, higgledy-piggledy half-timbered houses and a night watchman who does the rounds each evening in summer. Some cheerful wine bars and a good hotel.”

The village makes a great base for a wine tour in Alsace: you can stay at the Hotel des Deux Clefs described by Sue as “Plushy, beamy, deliciously kitsch, family-owned inn in a classic half-timbered building built in 1540” and eat at the Auberge du Brand – “A solid address for Alsace classics (smoked pork knuckle with leeks, asparagus or wild mushroom ragout in season, tarte à l’oignon) and a good wine list strong on Turckheim producers (Zind-Humbrecht, Baur, Armand Hurst).” The restaurant is named after Turckheim’s famous Grand Cru Brand vineyard which is known for the quality of its Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris.

Zind-Humbrecht is of course a fantastic wine producer, making a wonderful range from its biodynamically-farmed vineyards. Olivier Humbrecht was the first French Master of Wine and I studied in London with him in the late 1980s – I failed in the end, but he passed, which is no mean feat for anyone, let alone a non-native English speaker.

This was a more cryptic quiz question than others, but was hoping that it would get the brains ticking and would not be easily found on AbleGrape or Google. Congratulations to keen wine student and website owner @SuppleWine of San Francisco, who correctly deduced the answer to be Turckheim after an initial attempt with nearby Kaysersberg, which is a high village ‘watching over the vineyards’. I deduce that @SuppleWine is an Alsace fan and await their message to confirm which PDF guide they choose as a prize.

Next week, the quiz will be on Thursday, not Wednesday so you have a whole 8 days for some advanced studies! In the meantime, do continue to follow me on Twitter and consider becoming a fan on the Wine Travel Guides Facebook page.

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One Response to The Weekly Twitter Quiz #8 – Turckheim in Alsace

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