On a Screen Near You Soon: A Dreamy Wine Tour

For years I’ve known that when it comes to talking about wine, words can hardly do justice to the liquid itself: you need to taste and drink a wine for it to become alive. It’s true, words can describe a beautiful vineyard, a fascinating winemaking process, an atmospheric wine cellar or even some of the interesting people in the wine business, but words can only go so far. Visual images – photos and illustrations – often do a better job, if I’m honest. So, I really should keep quiet and get to the point.

Sunset near Cahors © Mick Rock/Cephas

Sunset near Cahors in the south-west of France © Mick Rock/Cephas

To illustrate each guide on Wine Travel Guides, I’ve chosen just one photo (because otherwise the PDF guides would be hard to print), and most of the pictures were taken by Mick Rock. Mick has been photographing everything to do with wine for over 20 years and he owns Cephas Picture Library, one of the world’s largest wine-specialist photo libraries. The library’s photos have appeared in some of the best known wine books and journals, published throughout the world. Mick’s library also provided the photos for the banner above.

Now, Mick has released a DVD called French Wine Odyssey – his personal selection of pictures from the wine world in France, many of which feature on Wine Travel Guides. The 24-minute DVD runs through a dreamy sequence of images that take you from Champagne to Bordeaux with stops in many of the more obscure wine regions of France. The pictures lead you deep into the cellars and out into the midst of the most spectacular vineyards; they even introduce you to a few characters of the French wine world. Mick has commissioned background music, which goes with the flow of his pictures.

The DVD is particularly good when viewed on a large wide screen – it would make an ideal backdrop for any wine bar, wine shop, restaurant or even in your own living room. You can preview a short excerpt, view thumbnails of all the pictures and find details of how to purchase the DVD or license it for commercial use from the Wine Odysseys website.

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