Twitter Quiz #10 – Win a Wine Travel Guide PDF

Into double figures, where does the year go? Have you planned your next wine tour yet? Here’s your chance to win a micro-region guide from our choice of 45 wine regions in France (46 if you include the free guide available when you register), 2 in Tuscany and 2 in Rioja (see this independent review from a Rioja fan). I am trying to alternate the quiz questions between those that are resolutely for wine geeks (last week’s perhaps) and those that require sleuthing wearing more of a travel hat. Inspiration often comes from the guides, sometimes from my own experiences. So, read on for today’s little challenge.

Weekly Twitter Quiz #10 – Question
At which Bordeaux château would you likely have a philosophical discussion?

You must follow me on twitter to compete. The first correct answer that is replied to @WineTravel wins the prize.

I will announce the answer and name the winner on Twitter first and then on a new post here with the answer and some extended explanation.

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