Our Tuscany guides contributor wins big award!

Michèle Shah was presented with a silver vine leaf

Michèle Shah presented with silver vine leaf

Very proud to report that Michèle Shah who writes our travel guides to the wine regions of Tuscany has won ‘Best foreign journalist of the year’ awarded in the Grandi Cru d’Italia awards in Verona at the end of last week’s Vinitaly wine exhibition. Michèle was one of four shortlisted journalists working for UK, German and Austrian magazines – she won the award for her contributions to the wine magazines Decanter, Wine Spectator and Harpers.

The Grandi Cru d’Italia is a group of 130 Italian wineries, who, according to Michèle, represent the top wine producers in Italy in terms of quality and of market influence. Michèle spoke frankly about what the award means to her: “this was one of the most moving highlights of my working career as a wine critic. I got a tremendous warm cheer from the 130 producers at the award dinner and afterwards many came personally to congratulate me. More than merely receiving the award, it was really the individual messages from each of them that made it so special and meaningful.”

Many congratulations to Michèle who has been given proper recognition for her specialist writing on Italy’s wines and wine regions – you can see most of her published articles on her own website as well as a wealth of further information. You can also read more about Michèle on Wine Travel Guides.

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