Weekly Twitter Quiz #1 – Win a PDF Guide – All about Bergeron

January 7, 2009

Win a PDF Wine Travel Guide to France of your choice.

Here’s the question:

What is both a type of apricot in N. Rhône and a grape in Savoie?

You must follow me on twitter to compete. The first correct answer tweeted to @WineTravel wins the prize.

I will announce the answer and winner on Twitter first and then add below.

Fall vineyards in Chignin

Fall vineyards in Chignin

Quiz Answer: Bergeron

Bergeron is the name of a type of apricot, particularly grown near the vineyards of Côte Rôtie and Condrieu. It is also the name given in Savoie to the Roussanne grape, which is only allowed for the AC Savoie cru Chignin Bergeron, grown on steep, sun-drenched slopes. Believe it or not, the wine often shows an apricot flavour and is a pretty powerful dry white. However, it is slightly lighter and more acidic than is made in the Rhône Valley, a style that has been emulated by Tablas Creek, the Ch. de Beaucastel outpost in Paso Robles, California. On a visit to their excellent tasting room last February, we discovered their Bergeron only on sale at the cellar door.

Congratulations to Michael Crook of Virginia for the right answer!

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